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  • Protect recently cleaned or dyed carpets
  • Self-adhesive carpet cover protection film will hold firmly to the carpet fiber without causing damage
  • 3 Mil film is strong enough to last up to 45 days
  • Each mat is 24 inches wide
  • Perforation every 21 inches for ease of use
  • 350 foot roll can cover approximately 100 cars


These Dealer Must Remover Mats will protect recently cleaned or dyed carpets with this self-adhesive carpet cover protection film. "Dealer Must Remove Protective Cover" is printed on each mat. 3 Mil Film is perforated every 21 inches for ease of use. Each application can last 45 days or more depending on the use. Each mat is 24" wide and provides enough product to protect both the drivers and passenger front floors of about 100 cars.


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