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  • Adds depth and enhances surface reflection
  • Vehicle surface with become extremely smooth
  • Maintain a swirl free finish without machine polishing
  • Fill in minor swirl marks and scratches
  • Easily apply by hand or machine
  • Applies a hard, durable finish that stays on in all-weather conditions


Ever want to get an extra boost of gloss and depth to your finish? Using a glaze is the perfect step to fill micro-scratches, light swirl marks, add depth to the surface and enhance the reflection. Greenway’s Southpaw Glaze is the perfect way to add that “wet” look on the paintwork without hours of work. Applying one coat of Southpaw Glaze will make any vehicle look extremely wet, shiny and smooth to the touch. To further extend the life of Southpaw Glaze we suggest to top it with any of our premium waxes or sealants.

Having issues with keeping your vehicle swirl free? The only real way to correct these issues is through machine polishing which not only is very labor intensive, you can remove a small amount of clear coat during the process. To correct these light scratches or fine swirl marks, using a glaze like Southpaw Glaze is the perfect way to fill these imperfections.

Southpaw Glaze can be applied by hand with a microfiber applicator or can be applied with slow speed polisher to produce outstanding results. Simply spread the glaze onto the paint with an applicator or a slow speed polishes and then remove with a microfiber towel. Southpaw Glaze is extremely easy to apply and dries fast.

Southpaw Glaze helps protect your vehicle finish from the weather elements and helps prevent oxidation. Southpaw Glaze produces a durable, hard finish that stays on in all-weather conditions.

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