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  • Quickly remove scratches, oxidation, 600 grit sanding marks, heavy swirl marks and other severe paint defects
  • Contains no fillers
  • Safe for any clear coat finish
  • Adjust the aggressiveness level by changing your buffing pad
  • Silicone free and body shop safe
  • No waxes or silicones
  • Designed for rotary buffer use


Greenway’s all new Super Heavyweight Compound is a very aggressive liquid compound that can quickly remove heavy wet sanding scratches (up to 600 grit) and severe oxidation. Super Heavyweight compound is specially formulated to be safe for on clear coat finishes.

Super Heavyweight Compound should be used with a rotary buffer only and is specially designed to level out severe scratches and defects on automotive paints. As Super Heavyweight starts to break down, the abrasives will level and gradually disappear leaving the paint with very light swirl marks left behind.

This super aggressive formula is ideal when working with neglected paint. After applying Greenway’s Super Heavyweight Compound, it is necessary to follow up with one of Greenway’s finishing polishes to remove any defects left behind.

Super Heavyweight Compound can be used more less aggressively depending on the buffing pad you choose.

Super Heavyweight also works excellent on removing severe haze from headlamp surfaces if headlight restoration is being performed. Super Heavyweight is silicone free and body shop safe. Super Heavyweight Compound does not contain any waxes, silicones or fillers. 

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