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  • Hydrophobic liquid glass treatment
  • Sheets waters, improves visibility and makes window cleaning easier
  • Repels rain, snow, sleet and makes water bead and sheet off the surface
  • Goes on crystal clear, hazes fast and removes easily
  • One application can last several months
  • Allow quicker cleaning of windshield during washes and makes removing bug residue easier

Greenway’s Vamoose is a ready-to-use liquid glass treatment. Vamoose is formulated to sheet water, improve visibility and make window cleaning easier. Vamoose can also improve visibility during storms and driver safety by sheeting off rainwater.

Vamoose is a hydrophobic coating that repels rain, snow, sleet and helps the water bead and sheet off the surface quickly. Vamoose goes on crystal clear, hazes fast and removes with ease. Simply apply Vamoose to the glass surface with a foam applicator and watch as Vamoose quickly levels and hazes for a quick, effortless application that can last several months.

Vamoose can reduce glare, helps bugs come off your windshield easier and is extremely easy to apply.


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