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  • Contains no bleach or fabric softeners
  • Easily break down stains, wax, oil, grease, silicone and other heavy contamination
  • Extremely Concentrated
  • Fresh Scent
  • Safe for high efficiency and regular washing machines
  • Moderate suds
  • Restore softness and extend the life of your microfibers
  • Unique formula conditions water and provides superior cleaning power that is gentle


Greenway’s Car Care Washen Microfiber Detergent is the perfect solution to clean and restore your microfiber towels. Washen is gentle on the microfiber but packs a “punch” in order to remove dirt, grease, silicone, wax buildup and other contamination from your microfiber towels and accessories. Washen works well in all washing machines and will not leave any residue behind on your microfiber products. Washen has a unique formula that actually provides superior stain and contamination removal while conditioning the water at the same time! Guaranteed to keep your microfibers soft and will lengthen the use of the microfiber towel which will save money. Only 2-3 ounce of product Is needed per wash cycle.

Typical detergents never seem to become completely removed from the microfibers themselves. You will be able to smell the residue left behind after you begin to remove the microfibers from the washing machine. This left-over detergent will stiffen the microfiber stands and make the microfiber useless, especially when dealing with sensitive paintwork.

Small loads of microfibers only require approximately an ounce of Washen for effective cleaning, while larger loads require only 2-3 ounces of Washen. A gallon of Washen can almost clean up to 128 loads while 32-ounce bottle can clean up to 32 loads. You can quickly see how cost effective Washen is!

It is very important to never use bleach, fabric softeners or normal laundry detergent on your microfiber towels. Using Washen in warm water and then running the dry on a tumble dry low heat setting, is the best wash to keep your microfibers performing like new and extending the life of them.


How to use Washen:

Separate the extremely dirty microfiber towels from your cleaner paintwork towels

Machine wash microfiber towels with Washen and in WARM water.

Add 1 ounce of Washen to small loads: Add 2 to 3 ounces for medium to large loads

Never use fabric softeners or bleach

Machine dry microfibers towels on low heat

High heat with ruin the microfiber towel which can scratch the paint!

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