Product Information

  • Concentrated formula saves you money
  • Attacks brake dust, dirt, oil and road grime upon contact
  • Excellent tire cleaner
  • Thick formula keeps more on the surface and less on the ground
  • Put a barrier between the contact surface and brush to prevent the scratching of sensitive areas
  • 4:1 ultra-concentrated solution
  • Safe for all wheels and rims
  • Versatile


Greenway’s Wheel Guardian is an extremely concentrated gel wheel cleaner. Since Wheel Guardian does not contain any acid, it is extremely safe for all wheels. Easily and safely remove surface contamination from all types of wheels without the fear of ruining the finish.

Wheel Guardian is extremely concentrated and can be diluted 4:1 with water. One part of Wheel Guardian to 4 parts of water, still makes a very effective and clingy wheel cleaning solution gel. Since Wheel Guardian is a gel solution, you have much more dwell time on the rim since this formula will not run off the rim immediately and onto the ground.

Wheel Guardian is your perfect solution to clean off any painted wheel, polished metal, chrome, anodized or powder coated rim without ruining the finish. Wheel Guardian also works excellent on removing heavy oils, old tire dressing and grime from any tire. It is safe to use on undercarriages, wheel well liners and suspension components.

Wheel Guardian should be used every time you wash your car. Wheel Guardian will not harm any wheel finish with continued use and is perfect for your weekly washes. Since Wheel Guardian is ultra-concentrated, a little goes a long way and saves you money. Wheel Guardian is still very effective even when diluted and there is no need to use this product at full strength. Wheel Guardian immediately attacks and removes the most stubborn brake dust and road film from tires and other surrounding components with ease.

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5 Stars
This is it!!!!!

So I got a bottle of WG about a month ago. I used it on my wheels because they were hammered. With a few sprays I was watching the dirt peel right off. With a light scrub my wheels were super clean. This stuff is legit. This reminds me I have to order more.