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  • Will remove grease, grime and the hardest baked on debris within seconds
  • Works excellent on industrial equipment and machinery
  • Excellent to use on undercarriages, off-road tires and wheels, engine bays and rims
  • Super concentrated formula- 1 Gallon can make 11 gallons of RTU product
  • Recommended for professional use only!
  • Can be diluted up to 10:1 before use


Greenway’s Wicked Red Degreaser is the strongest degreaser we currently offer. Wicked Red is designed for cleaning the toughest of jobs such as engine bays, undercarriages, tires, extremely dirty rims, machinery, heavy equipment and more. Wicked Red easily breaks down the toughest of grime within seconds and has a high foaming cleaning action. Wicked Red is a very concentrated chemical and MUST be diluted before use.

Wicked Red is excellent to use on big rigs, tractors, farm equipment, garage floors, tools, undercarriages, tractors, exhausts and anything else that needs intense cleaning. Simply spray the area that is in need of cleaning with Wicked Red and agitate with a brush. When use as directed and diluted properly, Wicked Red is an extremely effective cleaner that will not harm metal, painted, glass or plastic surfaces.


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